5    “A”dmirable Women

All of them are successful in their own fields… Every month Noble and Royal selects a letter and 5 special names that start with it. This month’s guests are Adele, Adriana Lima, Angela Merkel, Audrey Hepburn and Anna Kournikova.



After being discovered on Myspace with a song of hers that her friend uploaded, pop music’s queen Adele has been charming the world with her voice since 2006. Adele, with her melancholic, noble and romantic look with the help of her strong lyrics, is one of the best female musicians nowadays and we are sharing her in our ‘5  “A”dmirable Women Special to May’ list.

Adele starts a new era in music when she chooses to stand out with her music, not with her strong voice, songs, appearance or private life. In one of her interviews this curvy artist who is a Taurus, states that she loves to eat, she does not like sports and that her goal in life is never to be thin.

Adele, born on 5th of May 1988 in South London, is a musician who touches the heart. Her full name is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. She is born to a single mother. Having a natural talent, she has been singing since she is 4 years old. The band that has the biggest influence on her is Spice Girls. She receives education in one of England’s most popular music schools “The Brit School”. After her demo on MySpace is discovered in 2006, she receives an album offer from XL Recordings. In 2008 she receives ‘The Critics Choice’ award from Brit Awards, ‘The Voice of 2008’ from BBC and ‘Best New Artist’ and ‘Best Female Pop Vocal Performance’ at Grammy Awards. She names her first album that came out on January 28th 2008, “19”, because the album consists of songs she had written when she was nineteen.

Her debut song is “Chasing Pavements”. Her second album meets the fans on January 21st 2011. This album, in which Adele successfully sings from genres like Rock, R&B and Blues, generally features break-up songs. Her song “Rolling in the Deep” becomes the most popular song in America, Canada, Germany and Ireland. Radios start playing this song and it receives worldwide recognition after it is features in the season finale of Gossip Girl.

The song remains at the top of the charts in England for 10 weeks and it breaks Madonna’s previous record. People not only admire her songs in the album, but they also appreciate her cover songs like “Love-song”.



In October 2012, 24 year old Adele and her boyfriend Simon Konecki have a son. One of their colleagues, Dan Wilson, declares to the press that Adele has entered a time in her life where she will be taking care of her baby. We are certain that in the future, Adele, who can play multiple instruments and sing in different genres, will continue to share beautiful stories through her music.


At the 2011 Brit Awards, host James Corden comments on Adele’s performance by saying “ You can have all the lasers, fireworks and dancers you like but if you sound like that all you need is a piano!”.





Adriana Lima


The second name in our 5 “A”dmirable women list is a women who leaves the whole world in awe of her beauty: Adriana Lima Jaric. Let us take a closer look into the family, marriage and career of this famous beauty.

Born on June 12th 1981, this 31 year old model’s full name is Adriana Francesca Lima. Her close friends call her ‘Leah’ and her nickname is ‘LimaBean’. Lima’s favorite writer is Gabriel Garcia Marquez while her goal is to improve her acting and photography skills. This model, fluent in three languages, is able to speak in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Adriana Lima, who has been the first model that comes to mind when hearing about Victoria’s Secret’s shows, is 1.78 cm and 55 kg. With her blue-grey eyes, this mesmerizing woman’s body measurements are 86-58-84. If you are wondering where this kind of beauty can come from, the answer is Brazil! We took a closer look into Adriana Lima’s life, who shares the beauty of Salvador, Bahia with the world. Here is the story of one of the highest paid models in the world who also happens to be a mother of two:

We cannot say that Lima’s success is a family legacy. She is born into the world to a deeply religious family who does not have much money. Lima has African American, African, Brazilian and Swiss ancestors.

She is discovered at age 13 by coincidence while shopping at a store and the Gates of the fashion world opens up for her. After this, she attends a competition at age 15. She is awarded 1st place in the beauty pageant “Ford Supermodel of Brazil Model Search”. She once again proves her beauty when she wins 2nd place in the 1996 “Ford Supermodel of the World Contest”. She becomes a wanted name for agencies. After her success in the competitions she decides to turn it into her profession and she begins her journey to the world of opportunities. With the support of Ford Modeling Agency she moves to New York. Here, she begins working with Elite Modeling Management.

1997 and 1998 are the years Lima’s Professional career begins. During these years, she joins photo shoots for classic magazines like Vogue and Marie Claire. During this time luck always stays on Lima’s side and she appears in the fashion shows of Christian Lacroix and Valentino. Her brightest accomplishment comes with a billboard add. With the Vassarette billboard ad in Times Square which she works together with her Dominican boyfriend, Lima reaches ultimate fame.

In 1998, Lima continues to rise and she takes place in the famous lingerie brand Victoris’s Secret’s shows. So, she secures her place in the fashion world showcasing the brands special lingerie while wearing the classic Angel’s wings alongside models like Heidi Klum and Gisele Bundchen. For Lima, 2000 is the year she takes place in campaigns with other famous supermodels. She works with Claudia Schiffer, Laetitia Casta and Eva Herzigova at the Guess? brands “Costanoa” campaign. The star of the ads of Maybelline, Bebe, Massimo and BCBG also gets the cover in important magazines such as ‘Harpers Bazaar’ and ‘Elle’.

When it comes to the year 2001, we see Lima, who gets many offers from countless famous brands, as an actress on TV. In the 8 min. 47 sc. Short film by BMW, Lima joins the acting crew alongside Mickey Rourke, Clive Owen and Forest Whitaker.In the short movie directed by Wong Kar-Wai, she plays a woman who is so beautiful that her husband is jealous enough to send a detective to follow her.

Lima gets engaged to Lenny Kravitz, however their relationship end in 2003. Climbing up the career ladder, she rejoins Victoria’s Secret in 2003 as the show’s inaugurator model. In 2005, she decides to work as an advertising model again and she features in the limited edition Pirelli calendar.

Adriana Lima, who has a lot of fan websites, is selected as the #1 woman in ASKMEN.COM’s “Top 99 Women” list in 2005. The following year she gets 4th place in the same contest. Also Lima gets 97th place in 2006’s “Highest Paid Celebrities”. She also gets 99th place in “100 Most Powerful People”.

In her 2006 press release, she emphasizes that she is a devout Catholic and reveals that she is a virgin, saying: “Sex should be for after marriage. Men should respect this because it is my choice. If they do not respect me, this means they do not want me”.

Lima, who has become an idol as the most beautiful, powerful and well-paid model, visits Turkey in 2009 and she is warmly welcomed. She succeeds in capturing the hearts of the Turkish people with her sympathetic behavior in Acun Ilıcalı’s show “Var mısın Yok musun?” (Deal or no Deal?).

The year 2009 is also very special for Lima’s love life. Lima gets married to NBA star Marco Jaric with a romantic wedding ceremony on Valentines Day Feb. 14th. After giving birth to 2 girls, Lima is now one of the most beautiful mothers in the world. She shares her babies photos with her fans on her official website. In that website she also states that they are living a happy life in Spain in 2010. On 15th of November 2009 Valentino Lima Jaric and on 12th of September 2012, her second daughter Sienna Lima Jaric are born.

In 2012 she works in Turkey again, this time with Mavi Jeans. She plays in the Mavi Jeans ad directed by Ali Taran, alongside a group of Turkish actors. We watch her as the lead actress of the ad. Lima, who still works with DNA Models Agency in 2012, owns her own bar in Mexico. She is also a sensitive person who cares about the world. With some of her earnings, she helps orphan children in her birth place Salvador, Bahia. She helps with the welfare of the children in “Caminhos da Luz” orphanage.

This cheerful and warn model is also quite friendly towards the press. In her interview with Blic magazine she says that she never liked her teeth because they were too big; “I never thought I could be attractive to anyone because of it”. She remarks that she really likes her eyes. In one of her interviews, Lima, says that she wants a serious role in Hollywood movies.





The third perfect woman in our list is a famous lady who has succeeded in getting the power in her hands; Chancellor of Germany, Angela Dorothea Kasner Sauer. She is the leader of Christian Democratic Union (CDU) which unites people of all religious sects while staying true to the religions requirements.

Angela Dorothea Kasner Sauer becomes a symbol of women’s power while she achieves in accomplishing “firsts” in the world. As a woman of science, she enters politics and gains the last name Sauer through her second marriage to chemistry professor Prof. Dr. Joachim Saur in 1998. Her own last name is Merkel. While Merkel does not have any children from her first marriage, she gives birth to a son from her second husband.

She is born on 17th of July 1954 in Hamburg, which is now the 6th biggest metropolitan city of the EU. She is of Polish descent. She is a protestant. She is the daughter of a Lutheran pastor. Due to her antipathy towards easterners, she is not supported by the East and the left wing party. She is the first female prime minister who has managed to rule and unite Germany since it became a modern state in 1871. She is the youngest person to be a German Chancellor since WWII.

Merkel’s education life shows her vast and sharp intelligence. The center of her education is Templin. Merkel learns advanced Russian in school and she is accepted as a math genius. She studies Physics during 1973-78 at Leipzig University. She continues her education at Berlin-Adlershof Academy of Sciences at the Central Institute for Physical Chemistry during 1978-90. She writes her thesis in Quantum Chemistry, gains her doctorate and becomes a published researcher. Since 10th of April 2000 she has been leading CDU’s Federal Presidency. Between 2002-2005 she was the first female prime minister of CDU- Christian Social Union (CSU), Parliament party. 22nd of November is the day Merkel becomes elected as the Chancellor of Germany and she has been in office since. Between 2005-2009 she manages the great coalition with sister party Christian Social Union (CSU) and German Social Democrat Party ( SDP). Since 2009 she is the prime minister of the coalition of Liberal Democrat Party and CSU.

There is a book published about this woman who also happens to enjoy spending her Easter holidays near Ischia Island where there are Italian thermal springs. This book, published in German, is originated from Hamburg. “Angela Merkel: Die Kanzlerin und Ihre Welt” which means “Angela Merkel: the Chancellor and her world”, tells the story of Merkel. It is 283 pages and it was published on 14th of March 2013 by Hoffman and Campe publishing house.



Audrey Hepburn, the shining star from England and Holland, is the fourth name on our legendary women list this month. Hepburn, who had been nominated for Best Actress at the Oscar’s for 4 times, had also won the English Film Academy Awards BAFTA twice. She was also nominated for the BAFTA’s twice. This famous star, who received the Golden Globe awards 2 times, lived a very respectable life.

Since the 1950s Hepburn has been breathing life into cinema with her elegance and her own life resembles a film. We are sharing the story of this art icon, who despite her sad childhood or the political problems that evolved out of her control, managed to follow her dreams into pursuing the career she wished for.

This Oscar winning actress is born on May 4th 1929 and she departs from this life on January 20th 1993 at the age of only 63. She has devoted her whole life to the world and her full name is Audrey Kathleen Ruston. Her other name is Edda van Heemstra and she is born in Brussels, Belgium. Her mother is a Dutch baroness named Ella van Heemstra and her father is the rich British banker John Victor Hepburn- Ruston. When Audrey is only one year old their marriage ends. As an only child Audrey stays with her mother and never sees her father again. When she is 10, her mother marries for the second time. That year, she and her family move to Holland which is under attack by the Nazis. Here she has some hard times and she dreams of someday becoming an actress. She goes to private schools. As soon as the war ends she comes to London and signs up for bale school. A while later she joins the fashion world.

In 1948, when she is in her 20s, she takes part in the documentary “Nederlands in 7 Lessen” as Airline Stewardess. In 1949 she joins the musicals “High Button Shoes” and “Sauce Tartara”. Besides her role in the 1951 musical “Gigi” she acts in 5 other films. In “One Wild Oat” film she plays a hotel receptionist. In “Laughter in Paradise” we see her as the cigarette girl and in “Monte Carlo Baby” she plays the role Linda Farell. In “Young Wives Tale” she plays Eve Lester and in “The Lavender Hill Mob” we see her as the character Chiquita.

When Hepburn reaches her 22nd age, she is at the brink of her dreams. Her innocent and pure beauty combined with her passion for cinema makes her shine in the silver screen. She really finds success in 1953 with the movie “Roman Holiday”. “Roman Holiday” , in which Hepburn plays a princess, is her first leading role. She plays alongside actor Gregory Peck and she is awarded Best Female Actress by BAFTA awards, the Academy and New York Film Critics Circle. Audrey Hepburn is now a real movie star.

Later on she plays in nominated films like “War and Peace”, “Funny Face”, “Green Mansions” and “The Unforgiven”. In 1957, we see her in a love film. She acts alongside actor Gary Cooper in the film “Love in the Afternoon”. In 1962, she shares the lead with actor George Peppard in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” directed by skillful director Blake Edwards. By playing a woman who is in dilemma, she really impresses the audience. In 1967 she is nominated for her roles in films like “My Fair Lady” and “Wait Until Dark” and she continues to rise up on the career ladder. She takes part in the films “Robin and Maria” in 1976, “Bloodline” in 1979, “They All Laughed” in 1981. She plays the role Hap in the 1989 movie “Always”.

Up until 1990, Audrey Hepburn contributes to the art world with her efforts in television, theatre and the silver screen. After 1990 we only see her in special projects. In 1992 she is awarded Life Time Achievement Award by Screen Actors Guild Awards. In 1993, she receives her last award “Best Spoken World Album” at the Grammy music awards. Later on, she is diagnosed with having intestinal cancer and she passes away on January 20th 1993 in Switzerland.

Lastly let’s talk about this stars love life. Like other artists she has been known for her stormy love affairs. She has a legendary love affair with famous actor and radio veteran William Holden. Holden is a person who has entered Hollywood with the 1939 movie “Golden Boy”. Later on Hepburn’s name comes up with American actor, director and producer Mel Ferrer. She gets married to him however this is not a happy marriage. She gets married for the second time to Italian psychiatrist Dr. Andrea Dotti. Throughout her life, Hepburn supports UNICEF and she gives birth to a child in both her marriages. Hepburn and Mel Ferrer name their child Sean. Dr. Andrea Dotti and Hepburn name their child Luca.



The last famous woman that our magazine is taking a closer look is tennis player, model and actress Anna Kournikova who has been the center of attention due to her beauty and shaky sports life.

Even though this 31 year old athlete, who was born on June 7th 1981, never won Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) award as a solo player, she is still one of the most searched names on Google. Kournikova’s popularity grows higher as years go by. Her name is known everywhere whether for her success in sports, her roles on television series, her place in promotions or her appearance in magazine tabloids. A cocktail is named after her as the White Russian. The name “Anna Kournikova” is given to many different situations such as the phrase in Texas Holdem Poker which “looks good but will never win” or the computer virus that evolved in February 2001. Born in Moscow, Anna Sergeyevna Kournikova gets American citizenship in 2010. She is the daughter of athlete parents. Her father Sergei Kournikov is a professional Greko-Roman wrestler while her mother Alla is 400 m runner. At one his press releases Sergei Kournikov says that they are a young and clean family and that they raised Anna in a sports friendly environment. Anna receives a tennis racket as a gift when she is 5. After getting her first racket, she starts playing when she is 6.

The 1990 ATP tournament in Moscow is Kournikova’s first international tournament. In 1995 Federation Cup, she becomes the youngest player to have won the match. That same year she joins the European Championship as well as Junior Italian Open and at the end of the year she becomes the International Tennis Federation Junior World Champion. Kournikova is chosen as the #1 athlete in team sports by WTA. She receives the Grand Slam awards in Australia in 1992 and 2002. Here, she plays alongside Martina Hingis and they become known as the “Spice Girls of Tennis”. She becomes Australian Open Doubles champion. In 1999 she becomes a finalist for Wimbledon mixed Doubles and in 2000 she is a finalist for US Open in Doubles.

She is 1.78 cm tall and 56 kg. For awhile she acts in television series. At the 12th season of The Biggest Loser show she replaces Jillian Michaels however she only stays for one season in the show. Kournikova takes place in Population Services International Health program as a global ambassador that deals with the welfare of children under the age of 5 and their families. She also plays a small role in Jim Carrey’s movie “Me, Myself & Irene”. She plays in the music video of famous pop star Enrique Iglesias’ “Escape”. Kournikova also made her fans happy by coming to Turkey in 2006 for the opening of the Auto Show.

May of 2007 she decides to retire and the tennis career of this beauty ends at the age of 21. She faces back and spine problems and she is at the danger of getting spinal disk hernia. According to a status report in 2007 Kournikova, who is #8 in WTA world ranking and who has 13 championships in doubles, earned 3.5 million dollars from the courts and 85 million from advertising. She is known to be living at Miami Beach in Florida. Now she attends the World Tennis Team, St. Louis Aces and some special events.

She also has a shaky personal life. In 2000 when she is 19, she gets a marriage proposal from her famous hockey player boyfriend of 4 months, Pavel Bure ,who is known as the “Russian Rocket”. However a year later, she marries another hockey player named Sergei Federov. The couple’s marriage does not last long and they get divorced in 2003. Kournikova’s name remains in the tabloids and in 2011 she receives 29th place in Men’s Health magazines “Top 100 Hottest Women of All Time”. Kournikova’s name has been linked to Enrique Iglesias recently. The surprise of May 2013 is the rumor of their possible engagement and wedding preparations.


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