Australia’s Coolest Surfing Spots


Australia offers many options for surfers who want to fly with the big waves. There is a lot more adrenalin in the shores of this huge island as there is always the risk of running into a great white shark. We should say that this risk is not that common! After dancing with the waves, a luxurious hotel and a great cuisine wait for you!


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Surfing, which has recently become popular in Turkey as well, is an adrenalin packed sport in which sometimes the surfer not only battles against the waves but also predators lurking in the water. Basically, surfing is a water sport which requires you to slide on a long board towards the shore. In this short description, the sport might seem harmless; however in reality it is quite dangerous… Sharks have been known to attack surfers due to certain “misunderstandings”. So what is it about surfing that attracts people even though there are these dangers? There is something more than just adrenalin addiction here… This is a rematch with man-kind’s most powerful and ancient rival! Perhaps it is the ability to be able to stand on giant waves or to survive the sea filled with countless sharks that attracts these people. Winning against a rival as strong and dangerous as nature, truly makes the person feel good. So let us help you pick out the perfect spot for surfing. Let’s travel to Australia’s shores where the deadliest shark attacks take place and let’s challenge nature. We are looking into Australia’s most luxurious and hip surfing locations for your pleasure.


Margaret River

Margaret River, which is 3 hours and 20 minutes away from North Australia’s capital city Perth, is the only place in Australia where you can go to prize winner wineries as well as beautiful beaches. If you want more glamour, you can make a grand entrance on a private jet which you can rent. Margaret River used to be a very tranquil surfing location however it turned into a popular spot for wine tasting. This though does not change the fact that Margaret River is one of the best places in the world for catching huge waves. There are different surfing options such as powerful waves and fun shore waves along the Coast of Margaret River. The location offers luxurious private beach houses and hotels for people to stay in.



Noosa is a paradise only an hour and a half away from Brisbane International Airport. It is an amazing surfing location where natural beauty meets life. You can find waves at any time throughout the year in Noosa. However we would recommend going there between February and June. We should also add that during school vacations it gets pretty crowded. Noosa offers various waves that suit people of all levels of talents. Plus, Noosa hosts the Surfing Festival every March. You have a lot of options with places to stay. Noosa consists of several centers created with the atmosphere of a village. In each center there is a wide variety of accommodation options. From luxurious apartments and sophisticated rentals to five star vacation resorts, there are a lot of options you can choose from.


Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef is a safari camp located in West Australia’s Cape Range National Park. Accepted as a world heritage by the United Nations, Ningaloo Reef is 1200 km north of Perth. In the northwest shores of Australia, there are a lot of quality reef waves. Some of these waves are known as being fast and heavy however usually these waves are not that big. At Ningaloo Reef you can find waves that go up to shoulder length. This place is ideal for people with intermediate surfing skills. The best surfing season starts in April and ends in October. This means that it is winter time there and the waves are consistent. Because Ningaloo Reef is so hot and windy in the summertime, there are limited opportunities when it comes to surfing. So it is not recommended for summer.

The place where you can stay is pretty special! Here, you can stay at amazing tents or safari camps. Do not be fooled with the word “tent” here, for there is a comfy king size bed, soft towels, top quality sheets and delicious food waiting for you inside.


Lord Howe Island

The island can be reached by plane in two hours from the eastern coast of Australia and it is viewed as the most beautiful island in the Pacific Ocean. This island is listed in UNESCO’s world heritage list. With approximately 350 inhabitants, only 400 tourists are allowed on the island. Lord Howe with its crescent shape has ten different wave zones throughout both of its shores. Amongst these are coast waves, giant waves and point waves. Most waves break at the west barrier and you need paddles, boats or a canoe to reach it. On the west side the waves break closer to the shore. Lord Howe is visited most in September through April and a big portion of the island is closed off in the winter months (May- August). The best surfing season is between October and April.


You can pick from luxurious rooms or small hotels to stay at. The luxurious rooms are very comfortable and they look like sophisticated beach houses. All the suits have king size beds, TVs, DVDs, telephones and wireless internet.

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