Chariot CX2

The luxury strollers are like luxury cars but you shrink them, take away the engine, making its exterior from a durable fabric, giving it smaller wheels, and two harnesses … now you have a luxury stroller. CX2 has a more minimalist design. With this great product you can get out and spend time with your children, but this time with a style! This baby stroller has these qualities:

Suspension help absorb damage, creating a safer ride
The special made handlebar adjusterhas 5 different modes and a brake lever that can be removed
Padded seats for comfortable riding
Hand-lever-activated drum brakes and parking brake
To improve your low light visibility there are two photo-luminescent panels
Back bag for smaller objects, big bag that can be folded up when not in use

You can have this luxury baby stroller which is named as Chariot CX2 for only $924.95.

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