Electric Helicopter E-Volo VC200

For a first time ever, German engineers managed to not only design and produce a prototype of an electric helicopter, but they were also able to demonstrate how it takes off and flies up to almost 22 meters in height. The E-Volo VC200 has become the first electric helicopter to make a successful maiden flight.

E-Volo’s vehicle may look wierd, but the concept is actually brilliant. It has 18 rotors, along with 18 zero-emission motors powered by six battery packs. Its frame is created from carbon fiber to keep the aircraft lightweight. E-Volo VC200 is designed to host two passengers for distances of up to 100km and a flight altitude of up to 6500 ft. What’s really impressive is that the it comes with an automated control system that doesn’t require the pilot to worry about flight conditions. The on-board computers and in-tech sensors help control the Helicopter with ease. 

E-Volo_VC200 E-Volo_VC200-2 E-Volo_VC200-3 E-Volo_VC200-4

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