Every Guitarist Needs The Roadie Tuner

There are those who can quickly tune a guitar by ear, and then there are those who can’t.  Roadie Tuner also knows that, but this guitar gadget makes it faster, easier and more accurate than ever. 

Whether you’re a beginner just learning to play guitar, or a seasoned veteran, the Roadie Tuner is just the tool you need to perfect your craft. Just place it on each peg, pluck the string in front of your phone, and it’ll do the required adjustments. The Roadie Tuner uses a Bluetooth-packing palm-sized device that attaches onto a guitar peg and winds it automatically based on commands received from the app as you pluck on the strings. You can even choose from alternate tunings, or even create your own.

Currently on Kickstarter, a $79 pledge will get you yours, with a delivery date of June 2014.


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