Inflatable Climbing Wall For Superyachts

When it comes to a feature that is meant to up the level of fun and excitement that guests can enjoy onboard, no superyacht is too good for an upgrade. We are talking about an inflatable Climbing Wall that spices up your yachting time.

The idea for this fun new feature came from imaginative developers of Italian firm Green Yachts. They created the new toy for both beginners and experienced climbers, featuring three routes marked by different colors.

Probably the best thing about this superyacht toy it’s that even if you don’t use any safety ropes, the risk of suffering injuries as you fall is almost inexistent. It might actually be really fun to jump into the water after a difficult climb up. Priced at €13,000, the inflatable Climbing Wall can be personalized with various colors and your choice of texts and/or logos.

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