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There is not a single invention in the world that can compete with the invention of writing… This is the reason the ‘pen’ will always be a symbol. Custom pens are respect shown to the value of writing. This is why the designs made by Montegrappa with the meticulousness of a jeweler, remind people of the value of writing once again.


Rather than a pen manufacturer, Montegrappa can be defined as a “jeweler of scripture”. This company reflects world famous cultural values onto their pens and turns them into true works of art by combining the genius of Italian design with delicate workmanship and the elegance of Montegrappa. Thus making it indispensible for people who appreciate the tool they use to write as much as what they are writing.



Ever since 1912, Italy’s first pen manufacturer Montegrappa has been acting almost like a cultural heir in the historical city of Bassano del Grappa, Italy. Well known values, myths, incidents, world famous celebrities and people who have changed the course of history, all come to life once again with limited edition pens of Montegrappa.

Prestigious people who genuinely care about their emotions, characters and ideas, want to hold a pen that can reflect and manifest this value while they are writing. This value gracefully leaks from the pens of Montegrappa, which are made by world’s top level masters, onto the paper and becomes immortal.



With its history going back to 1912, Montegrappa,which is the oldest manufacturer of writing tools, has been in existence for over a century as a respectable and world-renowned brand known for combining perfect workmanship with Italian creativeness and style. Montegrappa, which has been located in the same building since its establishment, has made many innovations throughout time and it has played a major role in the lives of many important figures in history. The factory of Montegrappa is just as famous as the brand name and it has been visited by people such as Ernest Hemingway and John Dos Passos. It is also the first brand to ever use celluloid, a precious material, in the pen manufacturing business.



Ever since 1912 the company has been producing pens of perfect quality, in its permanent factory located on the shore of the Brenta river in the historical city of Bassano del Grapa, northeast of Italy. By highlighting the historical importance of its located area and reminding people of Montegrappa’s quality of being the first Italian pen maker, the company shows how much their historical background effects their character and style. Being ‘Italian’ lies at the heart of Montegrappa’s tradition and shapes the company’s philosophy, style and aesthetic.



Montegrappa was established at a turbulent time in Italy as “manifattura pennini d’oro e penne stilografiche” ( gold pen point and fountain pen manufacturer). Previously known by the name Elmo, Montegrappa took advantage of a workforce consisting of local talents to create pens amazing enough to make writers pursue them and to create glamorous objects embroidered delicately. Even though the first years of Montegrappa’s establishment were rough and turbulent, the “jeweler of scripture” now remembers those times as a part of its magnificent history.

The whole collection of Montegrappa is separated into two series; the beautifully designed Standard Collection created to complete everyday writing tasks and the Limited Edition products made with custom workmanship and designs for collectors.

As soon as the company was established, the Bassano factory found itself in a critical position in the middle of World War I. By coincidence its location made Bassano gain military importance and towards the end the war it became a major battlefield. Amongst the many soldiers that would use Elmo pens to write letters to their families were two famous American writers; Ernest Hemingway and John dos Passos who would later serve as war correspondents and volunteer as ambulance drivers in the war. The important and meaningful messages they sent from the front were written with the writing tools carefully made in Bassano. Montegrappa encountered bitter experiences such as war in the beginning of its story however with their pens falling into the hands of famous writers, they soon gained important reputation.


With its pens inspired by history’s most important moments, mankind’s most ancient desires, people who have changed the course of history, Montegrappa, which has now become a symbol of prestige, continues to lead the world of scripture even after a century has passed because of its character that combines impeccable workmanship with Italian aesthetic.




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