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Newly Produced Player Mouse : Lexip: Revolutionary

Newly Produced Player Mouse: Lexip: Revolutionary
Lexip: Revolutionary, new design player mouse, is very ambitious to change completely the habits of mouse usage of gaming enthusiasts
Previously, many technology companies have produced different styles of ‘gaming mouse’. However, Lexip’s new product seems to be a highly ambitious competitor for others. These new design gaming mice are exactly capable of meeting the needs of gamers.

Many mice which a variety of colours reflected according to the game played differ, have many buttons on and have high DOI value has been released. In all of this, Lexip brings a different perspective to the subject.
One of the most important features of this game mice that have already attracted attention and started to get an order is the inclusion of an integrated analogue. It is among the things specified that the biggest feature of Lexip: Revolutionary, which has collected 110,000 euros in a donation campaign targeting 25,000 euros on Kickstarter, is that there aren’t two different types of joystick.

Lexip: Revolutionary has an amazing ergonomic structure, which can also give different commands by applying power to the front and back. For this reason, the habits of the game enthusiasts are expected to be completely changed.
Lexip: Revolutionary, of which each button of the software specially prepared, includes the ability to program separately. For this moment, the price of this gaming mouse is $ 99. This player mouse, which can be sent via cargo all over the world, can be measured as the user experience and usage increases in the coming period.
It is also a matter of curiosity whether this player mouse will respond to the show it created.

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