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After Apple admitted that it deliberately slowed down the Old I-Phones, the reactions grew exponentially. Two Apple users in Chicago filed a lawsuit against the company on the grounds that they suffered economic losses.

Apple recently confirmed users who complained that their phones have slowed down after updating. They have agreed to this and this is done to make sure that the phone can be used for a longer period of time.

The company said, “Lithium ion batteries are forced to meet current demands in cold environments, old times or when their charge is low. This may cause the device to shut down unexpectedly to protect electronic components. Last year we developed a new software to solve the unexpected shutdown problem common to I-Phone 6s, I-Phone 6 and I-Phone SE. We have introduced this feature for the I-Phone 7 with IOS 11.2, and we plan to introduce our other products in the future.”

However, the I-Phone users who told them that they were not informed about this situation reacted to Apple’s move.

Stefan Boganovich and Dakota Speas from Los Angeles sued in California. In the case, the I-Phone owners said they never consent to the company’s interference and therefore could not use their phones as they wished. They also claimed that their dual devices had lost their value and asked the court to pay for the new battery costs by Apple.

“Apple has been judged not to deliberately inform users of these updates that will completely change the performance of the device,” said James Vlahakis, a Chicago case lawyer. This means that, if proven, the necessary information is not intentionally provided.”

I-Phone’s move is said to be a direct violation of Illinois, Indiana, and North Carolina’s consumer rights and anti-fraud laws.


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