Patek Philippe : The Prestige On Your Wrist

If you talk to the watch collectors, the sellers and the watch enthusiasts from all over the world, a brand always shines out as the “Rolls Royce of the watches”. Like the esteemed automobile manufacturer, this name is commemorated with perfection, exclusivity and the best craftsmanship. The history of Patek Philippe reflects how this matchless company run by the same family has dominated the Swiss watch industry over 160 years worshipfully.


The company commemorated as Patek Philippe & Co. was established by a Polish named Antoni Patek and a French watchmaker named Adrien Philippe in 1851. In that period, Philippe was recognized as the inventor of a keyless winding mechanism. In 1932, Charles and Jean Stern bought the company and changed its name as Patek Philippe, S.A. Since that day, the company maintains its existence as a family company. When Stern made the company over his son, Thierry Stern, in 2009, the company has been transferred to the fourth generation. Today, Patek Philippe is in the position to be the oldest company run by a family. The company, which produces all the parts by itself, owns over 70 patents related to watchmaking. The famous watchmaker is the only company to produce every single part of its products in the world.

Although Patek Philippe designs and produces windup and mechanical parts typically, it also made quartz clocks and even digital watches. It had better to remind you that the watch was invented by Patek Philippe in the years of 1860. Patek Philippe has released numerous considerable watch models throughout the years. One of the most remarkable models is Calibre 89 which consists of almost 2,000 parts. This is one of the most complex timepieces on earth. Having 33 complications including the time of sunrise, the Easter Sunday and star chart, it can also measure the leap years. A team consisting of designers and engineers worked for 9 years to produce this complicated watch in order to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the company. Besides, the classy watches seem as a big investment that, Patek Philippe is a pretty popular choice in this category. A Patek Philippe watch known as The Supercomplication has taken the title of the most expensive watch sold in the history by being sold for 11 million dollars in an auction made in December, 1999. A Patek Philippe watch of the recent vintage which hit the headlines was the platinum watch which is known as  Sky Moon Tourbillon and sold for 1.49 million dollars.

The brand still maintains its life as privately owned. As of 2012, it consists of 6 general managers and 1.300 employees in total. With its approximately 500 distributors, the organization chooses its own web of distribution and those distributors are found in 70 different countries. Patek Philippe timepieces are sold in stores like Henri Stern, Tiffany and Tourneau. Because the watches they produce represent an ultimate status symbol, numerous well-known celebrities and political leaders have used the watches of Patek Philippe throughout the years. In 1851, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert began collecting the watches, including a small clock face which hung from a diamond brooch pin. In the 1930s, Henry Graves, Jr. had a pocket watch commissioned after he made millions in railroads and as a banker. Both Pope Pius IX and Pope Leo XII wore watches produced by the famed company, as did Hussein Kamel, the sultan of Egypt in the early 1900s. In 1943, Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave the Dalai Lama a Patek Philippe watch as a gift. Many famous celebrities have been spotted sporting these wristwatches, including Brad Pitt, John Meyer, Ringo Starr, Johnny Depp, and Paul McCartney. John Lennon wore a Moonphase watch, and Albert Einstein has been said to have owned one as well

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