Petrossian Paris Introduces 10kg Caviar Tin

The Parisian branch of the fine food retailer, known for its prestigious caviar, Petrossian has presented the world’s largest caviar tin. Called “Ivan the Terrible,” the tin contains 10kg of Petrossian’s Tzar Imperial caviar, worth around €100,000.

For Petrossian however, ‘The Terrible Ivan“ is more than just 10kg of sturgeon eggs. ’This exceptional box will interest anyone who wants to host a beautiful reception, to do something impressive. We wanted something that did not exist until now, something that would be truly non-standard in this box.” Petrossian said.

The other two tins in this unusual line are also named for tsars and tsarinas. “Catherine the Great” contains a whopping 5kg of the delicacy, while the one named after Alexander contains 2.5kg.


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