Porsche Carrera RS Coupe

This model of the Porsche brand is among the smallest and most nostalgic models in the sports car industry. In particular, the nostalgic car enthusiast’s dream, the Porsche Carrera RS coupe model, although it is cute with its appearance, it demonstrates the weight of the speed and hardware structure. The Carrera RS Coupe, one of the most popular models in the Porsche Sports Car Museum, is also very powerful.

As the name implies, this car is a typical Coupe model, which fully meets the classic sports car quality. The name of the model was modified on the orange color which is near red, this sports car was produced in 1973. It took three years to produce the model. However, the carrera continues to be developed and produced to date, with a great deal of popularity and followers. The Carrera RS coupe model vehicle can be called the start of the coupe models.

In the car with five-speed manual transmission, the fuel-type choice was gasoline, taking into account the year of production. In other words, although the hybrid mixture does not exist in the engine and the technology at that time is not very advanced, the performance of the vehicle is good. The engine volume of the Porsche Carrera RS Coupe is approximately 3 liters.

Despite the fact that it was produced in the 70’s, the Porsche Carrera RS Coupe is the twentieth-most expensive second-hand sports car in the world. In order to have this Porsche model, you’ll have to spend $ 1,900,000.

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