Posche 959

Porsche is one of the indispensable brands of the sports car industry, the Porsche 959 model, compared to competitors in front of buyers at a more affordable price. In the world’s most expensive second-hand sports cars, this model introduces itself in the eleventh place, it has a lack of features as a sports car.

The first distinguishing feature of the chassis coupe with two doors is that it has a smaller structure than other models. Metallic Silver tones have been used in this model, which has attracted attention at first glance. Porsche has a very ambitious stance with its luxurious look. 

However, it doesn’t show the same claim about speed. Porsche 959 is behind its rivals in 100 km/h and 317 km/h in total acceleration, while the first output of 100 km/h can only see 3.8 seconds. For this reason, it is more like a daily sports car.

Fuel-type gasoline model offers a comfortable ride, but the speed is a little lower than the expectations of enthusiasts.

The total weight of the six-speed manual gearbox is around 1450 kg. Porsche 959, whose engine power is 450 horsepower, is now known as a legend of the 1900’s when it began production, even though it has remained behind its competitors.

In terms of appearance, the ambitious Porsche 959’s output price was about 1 million Euros. In order to get this Porsche model, which is the world’s most expensive seventeenth car as a second hand, you need 1,000,000 Euros, almost 1.3 million Dollars.

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