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With the development of technology, our lives are gradually becoming one of the real-world scenarios of science fiction films. Yes, maybe we’re still not traveling with flying cars, or we can’t go on a trip in time at the push of a button, but with the latest developments, it seems that this is not too far away for us. So what is this latest technological development?

Eindhoven, Dutch scientists have developed a technological solution to air pollution. According to the project, a giant system that will be installed in the underground auto parks will absorb dirty air, where it will be cleaned and then given back to the streets again.

According to the simulation prepared by the researchers of Eindhoven Technical University, which has been plastering the arms to solve the air pollution problem, the effect of the air which is cleaned mechanically is felt not only in the city center but also in the surrounding settlements.

Eindhoven municipality, which was interested in the project, decided to implement the project in cooperation with the university. An auto park system was installed under the municipal square. In addition, air cleaning facilities were built at 30 different points of the city. For the next three months, these facilities will clean up Eindhoven’s dirty air and send up fresh air. In this process, the rate of pollution in the air will be constantly measured and mapping. Authorities describe the project as a promising move towards environmental pollution.

One of the biggest causes of air pollution in Eindhoven is a large number of vehicles in traffic. The most common type of nitrous oxide is the nitrous oxide.

Lung and heart diseases caused by air pollution in the Netherlands is experiencing an increase. For this reason, over the past few weeks, 170 doctors who are specialists in chest diseases have called on the government to take measures to prevent pollution.

Every year 5.5 million people die due to diseases caused by air pollution, and bad weather, especially the elderly and children’s health negatively affect.


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