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While wristwatch companies try to keep up with consumer demands, they are also eager to stay ahead of the industry. To accomplish this, they sign sponsorship arrangements and they take the sports world into consideration which millions of people take an interest in. These brands create their designs in order to build a connection between consumerism, sports and excitement. They create this connection by increasing the partnership between the brand and the athletes.

We have gathered the custom wristwatches made for the world’s leading athletes by different brands. Davis Beckham, Felipe Massa, Kobe Bryant, Maria Sharapova, Angre Agassi, Michael Phelps and Felix Baumgartner are on this list.




World famous Swiss watch manufacturer Tag-Heuer created a custom wristwatch for Maria Sharapova who comes after the Williams sisters in women’s tennis. In this new model, Tag- Heuer created a masterpiece wristwatch by combining steel and ceramics that is elegant and durable with showing both feminine and masculine features. Covered with sapphire glass, this watch is waterproof to up to 200 m and it stands out with its 37 mm thinness. This Sharapova wristwatch comes in different colors, qualities and varieties. Its price begins at 2 thousand dollars and goes up to 6 thousand dollars.



Jacob-CO- Grand Collection- GR1-12

When it comes to British football, one of the names that come to mind is David Beckham. He has become an icon in the fashion world, not just because of his performance in the green field but also because of his wife Victoria Beckham. Jacob-CO Company has created a special watch for Beckham whose every action including the clothes he wears, his hair-cut, his tattoos or the wristwatches becomes a sensation. This GR1-12 model wristwatch is especially for those who travel often as it has the feature of showing 5 different time zones. If you are someone like Beckham you will never be confused about time whether you are in New York, Paris or London. This wristwatch, which allows you to dive in water up to 50 m, is sold at the minimum price of 11 thousand dollars.





Zenith brand has created a custom watch for the parachutist who jumped from the edge of space to land on earth and broke the record for free falling: Felix Baumgartner.

Zenith started their campaign with the slogan “Learn to love what you’ve been taught to fear” and combined in Stratos, the excitement, adrenalin, fear and challenge Baumgartner went through.

Zenith also broke the record with their watch which fell at the speed of 1,342 km from 39 thousand meters. Thus, Zenith became the first watch to break the sound wall. Stratos which showed that it was durable to high speed and low pressure was designed for these circumstances. With its shell of 45,5 mm stainless steel core and its cover of sapphire glass which is known to be the most durable material in the world so far, Zenith accompanied Baumgartner in his record.



Hublot- King Power Black Mamba

Hublot’s most important quality is the support they give to sports and athletes. Hublot, which is a brand that takes place in the sports world often, has now created a special wristwatch “King Power Black Mamba” for NBA Los Angeles Lakers team’s 35 year old athlete Kobe Bryant. Black Mamba, which was designed after Bryant’s uniform number 24, is made with 48 mm ceramics and titanium. This design, which also showcases LA Lakers’ colors purple, gold and black, has straps made from python snake skin. However there are only 250 of these Black Mamba wristwatches. The lucky one gets to have it!




Swiss wristwatch manufacturer Longines created a custom watch for tennis legend Andre Agassi, who is known for his charity work, his 60 male solo championship, his 8 time Grand Slam win and as a Olympic gold medalist. Agassi has been the brand ambassador for Longines since 2007 and Longines created only 8 wristwatches to honor his grand slam championship. These watches were sold at 18 thousand dollars and all the money went to Agassi’s education fund as a source for scholarships. This special watch has silver coating and even though Agassi is British, it honors his Iranian roots by featuring the number 8 in Arabic.




Omega- Seamaster Planet Ocean

Writing history by winning 18 gold and in total 22 medals at the 2012 Summer Olympics, Michael Phelps continues to be the brand face of Omega since 2004. Omega created the Seamaster Planet Ocean model for Phelps. As well as picking Phelps, Omega is also known for creating watches for water athletes and divers. The biggest disadvantage of Omega wristwatches, which is quite popular amongst water athletes, is that they have become very common. Omega offers different qualities depending on personal taste and they possess a wide variety range.

Seamaster Planet Ocean can easly be used by divers at high pressure water and its greatest quality is that the dials can be seen even in the darkest of waters. These dials made with “Super LumiNova” technology makes Omega a wanted name.

After each race if you look closer to the arm of Michael Phelps, who has been chosen as the brands face, you can spot different models of Omega wristwatches.



Richard Miller- RM005

Famous watch designer Richard Miller designed a custom watch named “Flyback Chronograph RM 005” for talented Ferrari driver Felipe Massa after his accident in Hungary while driving 260 km in 2009.

Besides the speed of Formula 1 race cars, Miller took inspiration from its biggest feature which is the lightness of the cars and he used light weight materials like titanium and aluminum to create ultra light wristwatches. Weighing less than 20 grams, this ultra light wristwatch is embellished with gold and other jewels.

The design and application of this watch shows conceptual movement of approach, its case and dials. Miller designed this watch using analytical engineering methods applied in Formula 1 cars in which the frame and engine work in perfect harmony. The watch adjusts to its owner’s life style by using setup mechanisms at an optimum level so that it is in harmony with all movement levels. With adjusting the spines placement, it speeds up the rotor during slow movement and cools it down when it is at a faster pace. Besides its lightness, RM005 is also known for its thinness and it shows a calendar and even counts the leap years. However we have bad news for those who want to have this watch: There are only 300 ever made!


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