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The long, harsh winter is finally over. Sunny and warm days are now ahead of us. When we hear the word sun, one of the first accessories that come to mind is of course sunglasses. Top quality and fashionable sunglasses are indispensible for men with style. Even though the warm weather may cause you to wear loose and comfy clothes, you will still be able to reflect your style by choosing the perfect sunglasses.


The sunglasses of a stylish man can suddenly become the most expensive accessory in his closet. Sunglasses which can reach thousands and even hundreds of thousands dollars offer a glamorous world for men of all ages. Shopping for sunglasses usually begins in May-June and this stylish accessory becomes an important helper for men with style throughout summer. As Noble and Royal, we listed some of the most unique and custom models of world famous brands for you. Maybe our short list will help you pick out your sunglasses for this summer!


Ray Ban Wayfarer

Wayfarer, which is one of the most popular models of the world famous sunglasses manufacturer Ray Ban, was created in 1952 by American designer Raymond Stegeman and it has been produced non-stop since 1956. This is the reason we cannot give an exact price on it. While a regular 2013 Wayfarer model costs about 200$, as the date goes back the prices begin to rise.

Wayfarer was considered revolutionary, especially in an industry dominated by metal framed sunglasses. It was highly popular in the 1950s and 60s, however it became a major hit in the 80s. Wayfarer, which is accepted as the most sold sunglasses design of all time, is also seen as one of the fashion icons of 20th century. Wayfarer was also an indispensible accessory for Christian Bale’s character Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. It is important to note that this legendary style of sunglasses has been linked with famous actor Jack Nicholson.






Chrome Hearts Kufannaw II


Chrome Hearts is a brand known for its highly elegant and luxurious sunglasses design. They especially stand out for their craftsmanship in metal work and they make progressive sunglasses designs. With its titanium frame decorated with silver parts, Kufannaw II pulls focus to its delicate workmanship. Like other designs by this Japanese brand, this special sunglasses model is also completely handmade.

Kufannaw II gets its inspiration from rock stars and in a short period of time, it has become a favorite accessory for men with style all around the globe.


Oekley Romeo

If you are looking for a sharp, outgoing look, world famous sunglasses designer Oekley’s Romeo model is the perfect fit for you. These sunglasses with its custom look have polarized lenses and incredibly light titanium frame. It will be suitable for men who are especially active throughout the day.


Oliver Peoples Balmain 2 Aviators


Even though this model, which is the product of the combined work of Oliver Peoples and French fashion brand Balmain, is not as expensive as the other models we have shown, it is still amongst the most pricy sunglasses in the world. Balmain 2 Aviators is especially the choice of American celebrities and its popularity is largely based on its unisex design. This model has unscratchable lenses which offer 100 UV protection. Designed by Christophe Decarnin and made completely by hand in Italy, Balmain 2 Aviators, with its stylish and modern design, will definitely bring your summer outfit to perfection.

louis vuitton-2

 Louis Vuitton Evasion


When it comes to sunglasses brands, even though this French fashion giant is not the first name that comes to mind, it becomes one of the leading brands because of its style and elegant workmanship. With its incredibly durable yet light titanium shell, Evasion has hinges on its arms and bridge that make it more practical. Its 100 UV filtered lenses also have classic LV embroidery which grabs the attention. For Louis Vuitton sunglasses of this elegance, the price is remarkably agreeable.

tom ford

Tom Ford Cross-Detail


Cross Detail sunglasses made by Tom Ford, serves like a savior for those who are indecisive about choosing the right sunglasses that fit with their classic style. The classic lines and the name Tom Ford do not leave any room for doubt. However it is important to warn you that these glasses come with side effects because of their designs. Women love these glasses! With its shiny rhodium frame and dark blue lenses, Cross-Detail elevates your style the moment you put them on. Its cross shaped bridge adds a different flare  to the glasses and makes it stand out amongst other glasses with similar style.

390$ for sunglasses of this quality and style, is not too bad.



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