Super Bicycles made by Super Automobile producers


Automobile producers that stand out with their performance, design and comfort are now showing off their talents on two wheels. We are not talking about motorcycles though, just bicycles. However these bicycles are not like the ones you know of. These special bikes with their custom materials, unique designs and best components, may not be able to compete with cars on the runway however they do compete in pleasure!

When it comes to super automobiles, the names that come to mind are pretty much the same. With their impeccable designs, strong and fast models, world’s leading luxury automobile brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and Aston Martin manage to arouse the interest of car enthusiasts all over the world.  In time these famous brands have stopped being only automobile manufacturers and they have become a genuine design company.

These famous brands which in time have become more than only automobile manufacturers and are now genuine design companies, can sometimes be involved in different areas, whether to celebrate a special occasion or to show off their talents in design. Bicycles are the lead in these areas. Bicycles, which are an easy and fun transportation vehicle, gain a different perspective once they are in the hands of these super automobile manufacturers. As Noble and Royal, we have prepared a short list of some of these special bicycles. Enjoy…


Mercedes-Benz 2012 Mountain Bike

One of the most important automobile brands, Mercedes-Benz, is featured quite often in Noble and Royal’s pages. However, this time we are looking at Mercedes as a bicycle. On this black bicycle there are components from important bicycle component manufacturers such as Shimano, Avid, DT Swiss, Fizik, SRAM and Fox Racing. This elegant bike which is very suitable for street or off-road use, is comfortable and safe enough to give a high performance in every condition. Its light aluminum framing is designed to minimize the stress on the drivers shoulders and neck. The Mercedes-Benz logo on the black framing adds prestige to the bicycle.



A product created with the combined work of bicycle brand NeilPryde Bikes and BMW Group Designworks USA, Bayamo and Bayamo +’s light yet durable frame is made from high-modulus unidirectional C6.7 carbon fiber. Thanks to its advanced aerodynamic efficiency, it is also quite fast. This is why NeilPryde Bikes used ‘computational fluid dynamic analysis’ and put the drivetrain and shifting cables within the frame. Bayamo + has a custom design called QFit in which the angle of the drive and the escalation can be adjusted.

These special bikes which are available in the market this year, are sold for 2,750 dollars (Bayamo) and 5,000 dollars (Bayamo +).



As one of the most important names in the automobile industry, Porsche manages to surprise its fans by introducing their “Speed of Sports” collection featuring two bike models named “Bike RS” and “S”. These bikes which are made by Porsche, get inspiration for their designs from the classic Porsche 911’s soft features. Popular alternative transportation vehicles; bicycles gain new perspectives with the talented designers of Porsche. This famous brand uses top quality materials for their bikes just like they do for their automobiles.

These bikes come in three sizes (small-medium-large) and they offer a comfortable use for drivers of any age due to their Magura hydraulic disk brakes. Bike RS has 29 inch rims and it is a Racing Sport bicycle. These bikes, designed for high performances, have carbon fiber frames, handle brakes and saddle. This RS model which is a little less than 20 kg, has Shimano gearshift, special pedals and “Electric Blue” embroidery on its black frame.

Bike S is a little heavier than RS. Its aluminum frame which is shaped with hydraulic press, offers a more stable drive due to its carbon fiber forks. “S” promises a pleasant drive because of its maintenance free toothed beltdrive and Shimano Gearshift.

BMC Impec Automobili Lamborghini Edition


These limited edition bikes were created for the 50th anniversary of Lamborghini’s foundation day and BMC Automobili Lamborghini Edition was showcased at the Brian & Barry shop in Milano. It is the ultimate example of the combined works of luxurious automobile and bicycle manufacturers. This bicycle which gets its inspiration from super automobiles, has a standard BMC Carbon frame and rims. Its gearshift is electronic Shimano Dura –Ace Di2. These bikes are created through custom orders and there are only 50 of them ever made. These special bikes found their owners in exchange for 25,000£.



Created by Aston Martin and Factor Bikes, the world’s most high tech bike, One-77, has been one of the most discussed bicycles of 2013. Inspired by Factor Bikes’ Factor 001 model, this Aston Martin bike keeps record of speed, escalation and power rate through its “motorsport- derived data logging”. The system also measures biometric data such as EKG, respiration rate and body temperature. Offered in 7 different colors, One-77 has Shimano Dura- Ace D12 carbon frame, disk brakes, fully carbon rims and leather coated handles. Only 77 ever made, these bikes are sold for 39,200$.





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