TechnoLUgy Carbon Fiber Chandelier

TechnoLUgy by LU Murano, a studio based in Murano, Italy, is a stunning tentacled light fixture that will impress people with its construction as much as its overall appearance. LU Murano used the molds from their blown glass chandeliers to create much lighter and much less fragile versions made from carbon fiber.

The snaking arms that end in pricks of light are made out of carbon fiber, which offers a new and impressive alternative to more traditional glass chandeliers. Glass chandeliers are heavy and fragile. Using carbon fiber in the chandelier molds of original glass versions, the designs are a lot less fragile and a little more durable. The original glass versions are 10x the weight of the TechnoLUgy versions. 

TechnoLUgy by LU Murano-1 TechnoLUgy by LU Murano-2 TechnoLUgy by LU Murano-3 TechnoLUgy by LU Murano-4

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