The Flying Boat: wfoil Albatros

Not a plane, not yet a boat. The wFoil Albatross actually flies across the water. The wFoil Albatross is one of those ideas that seems to come out of nowhere and then make you wonder why no one did it already.

The work of pilot and flying instructor Tomaz Zore, the wFoil Albatross is a flying boat that provides its pilot the thrill of flying whilst sailing above the sea on the tips of the foils, traveling at a speed of up to 50 knots.

This unique vessel gives you two options, you can either use the detachable engine to jet across the water or add the sail to making it into a sail boat. Approximately you need between switching around ten minutes. Two seater, the wFoil Albatros has a hull made from mountain spruce wood strips that were mounted onto the aircraft plywood frame. 

Price isn’t yet released but wFoil plans to produce 20 boats per year.

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