The Most “Exclusive” Socks In The World by Harrys of London

Harrys of London recently unveiled Cervelt socks for a whopping £860. These socks might not be world’s most expensive like Falke Vacuna, but according to its manufacturer Harrys of London, the Cervelt socks are the most exclusive sock in the world.

Limited to only 100 pairs, this charcoal grey socks are 100% made of Cervelt taken from the New Zealand Red Deer. The exclusivity of the socks lays in fact that only 20 grams of fibre can be collected from each Red Deer every year. Also known as the “Diamond of Clothing Fibers”, the Cervelt is molded and shaped to take the form of these exceptional socks with great attention to detail by Harrys of London’s experts. 


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