The New Star of Yamaha: XVS950A Midnight Star

XVS950A Midnight Star, the young member of ‘Star’ series which has taken the place of Drag Star series, which has attracted a great attention in our country, and started to be manufactured in 2009 for the first time, seems to have already started to erase the traces of the ‘cruiser’ legend, Drag Star.



Engine Type :

Air Cooled 4-Time V Type 2 Cylinders 4 Valves Sohc

Cylinder Volume :

942 Cc

Maximum Power :

54 Ps 6000 Dev

Fuel System :


Starter System :


Transmission System :

5 Speed

Transfer :


Fuel Capacity :

17 Liters

Oil Capacity :

4 Liters

Dry Weight :

257 Kg


From the day that Yamaha decided to brand its cruiser models under the name of ‘Star’, it was aiming to design extremely refined new motorcycles such as the legendary VMAX. But they couldn’t attain their aim until XVS950A Midnight Star. With its exciting view and perfect performance,  Midnight Star the new trump of Yamaha, the world’s second biggest motorcycle manufacturer. Wide tires, thick fork, curved tank, backswept handlebar, fluent lines… Yamaha defines XVS950A as ‘New Style Classic’. A single line trailing through the body mastering the design, creating the impression that the motorcycle was shaped by a light headwind. XVS950A Midnight Star, put on the market with the name V-Star 950, is a motorcycle filling the gap between Drag Star 650 and 1100 as well. But it’s hard to say that this gap is present in our country. It’s better to remind that Yamaha has only released XVS950A Midnight Star in cruiser class in Turkey. This situation is the indicator of both how much Yamaha trusts XVS950A and (unfortunately) the development of the motorcycle culture in our country is at the levels which we don’t even expect. Chinese origin motorcycles’ possession over the class of Scooter and 250 cc, causes the big motorcycle manufacturers to pull out of the market in smaller classes and the real motorcycle aficionados devoid of small but high quality models. With its high torque, air cooled, 4-valved, 4-stroke 942 cc V twin engine, outstanding handling, long and low chassis, broad front rim providing better control and steel mudguards completing the cruiser style, XVS950A Midnight Star has more than you expect in a motorcycle with this style. The comfortable sejant of the motorcycle and its balanced nature provide all levels of riders an easy ride. But we need to remark that this comfortable ride and elegant lines can’t hide the unbridled power of this monster. It’s clear that XVS950A Midnight Star will be a perfect experience for motorcycle aficionados with Yamaha quality, perfect design and technical specifications.


Midnight Star is a motorcycle which will completely meet your expectations from a powerful looking ‘cruiser’. Yamaha assurance and the service web all over the world don’t even put a question mark in our minds.


No matter what your style is, XVS950A Midnight Star achieves to prepossess you with its irresistible attraction. (Sf. 37)

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