The World’s First Luxury Electric Yacht: Supiore Uno

Two years ago, father and son Cor and Lodewyck Beghuys came up with the idea of creating the first electric luxury tender. That dream was realized with the release of “Supiore Uno” electric pleasure yacht.

Supiore Uno debuted on June 28, this year at the Harbour Club in Amsterdam and has since made waves at the Cannes Boat Show in September. One of the main highlights of the Supiore Uno is that it can be charged by the solar cells on the foredeck or by the wall plug. The vessel seats seven and includes a barbecue and cooler, chilled wine storage, LED lighting and speakers. The top speed of the Supiore Uno is software limited to 20 kilometers per hour. Measuring 5.24 meters long, the Uno is a great way to unwind amidst the waters, with great views and without any worry about damage to the environment. 

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