Thorngrove Manor Hotel – For those who have romance in their soul

Have you ever dreamt of living in a castle? If your answer is yes, this hotel in Adelaide, Australia can make your dreams come true. It’s not exactly a castle but its amazing architecture and creative decoration will surely make you feel like you’re staying in a castle. Thorngrove Manor Hotel- a recipient of many awards- is short of 20 minutes to city center, and 35 minutes to the international airport.

This hotel is a backstage heaven for couples with its romantic mood! One of the most interesting features of the hotel is that it hosts two couples maximum at the same time. Thorngrove Manor is definitely an ideal escape for those who care about their privacy.

Modern life’s benefits are not forgotten while this fairytale ambient was created. The hotel includes HD, LCD TV, DVD, Blu Ray and wireless broadband. The hotel is pretty sensitive to its environment as well. And by the way, we should remind you that it is a non-smoking hotel. 


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