Vintage Style Bikes by Oto Cycles

Oto Cycles from Barcelona, design classic vintage style bikes powered by an electric motor. They have several styles available and they are all inspired by the 1950′s bicycle designs.


Oto Cycles combines the old classic vintage style with modern tech which makes it pretty unique and cool looking electric bicycle. Being made by hand, bicycles are completely customizable: it comes in an array of colors, tire styles  and saddles, motor, battery and other components, allowing users to personalize the rides with their own unique style. Made from lightweight steel, each model comes with an NCM battery and rear hub motor that can be switched on in lieu of peddling. A pedal-powered LCD display keeps tabs on the speed and functionality of the bike while a front LED headlight efficiently illuminates the ride at night.

Oto-Cycles-Oto-Electric-Bike-7 oto-cycles-oto-electric-bikes-11 oto-cycles-oto-electric-bikes-14 oto-cycles-oto-electric-bikes-15 Oto-Cycles-Oto-Electric-Bike-1 Oto-Cycles-Oto-Electric-Bike-6 Oto-Cycles-Oto-Electric-Bike-4 Oto-Cycles-Oto-Electric-Bike-2

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