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Although we charge our phone at night due to the intensive use of the internet, our battery runs out in the day. When we’re looking for an empty socket with a charger, we’ll be back because the wireless charger in our dreams came true.
Wireless charging technology was approved by the FCC with the Wattup program developed by a company called Energous. However, the true wireless charging has been made effective for the first time in the world.
With the technology, it will offer wireless charging support, contactless and tactile. The smart phone, the smart watch, the tablet, the wireless headset and other devices will be able to charge the device in the room. With technology, support for multiple and different brands/models will be available at the same time.
WattUp, will be designed in accordance with different models and usage scenarios. It will send energy through RF waves with a power transmission distance of about 1 meter. The program is planned to be used in the living room TV unit, on a computer via USB port, in the car and in other different usage scenarios.
The first products of remote wireless charging technology are expected to be available in the market after the first quarter of 2018.

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