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10 Hollywood Movies That Touch Our Hearts

Hollywood is not only a world where movies are made with the latest technology effects shot in magnificent studios. There are films that touch our hearts, hurt us, and bind us to ourselves. Here are 10 movies that touch the hearts of viewers with the story;

1 Schindler’s List – 1993: At the beginning of movie, made by Steven Spielberg, you think that you are watching a German person’s story, in which he is trying to find a way to be rich during World War II but when you have completed half of the film, the subject is completely turned towards another way. Oscar Schindler, who has a pottery factory in Poland, retrieve 1100 Jewish people from death by getting them as workers. So the film takes its place among the unforgettable ones.

2- Interstellar 2014 – In the film, which brings together science fiction lovers with a very different world, you can find out what your love has the power to. At the end of this movie which must absolutely be watched, you are lost in the depths of finding yourself by diving into philosophical thoughts.

3-The Pursuit of Happiness 2006: A story of a father who struggles with giving a life to his son but never loses hope. It is one of Will Smith’s most impressive films.

4 – The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas 2008 – This awesome film about the dirty face of the Second World War with the innocence of a German and a Jewish child will mark your mind.

5-Dead Poets Society 1989 – The power of poem, hope, dreams and moment. It’s a movie that everyone has to watch.

6-Marley & Me 2008: A journalist, John, has some problems during the time when they are having baby after marriage with his wife Jenny. In order to overcome the problems, John gets a dog named Marley to his wife, and their friendship starts.

7- I Am Sam 2001: The film which is a story of a mentally disabled father who wants to take back his daughter from social services.

8- Toy Story 3 2010: The toys are not only the small objects we played, but also they are actually our childhood memories. Here is a story that tells the time of leaving the memories and takes us to our childhood years by hurting ourselves.

9-The Story of Us 2008: A great movie which is about a couple named Jorden, who decides to break up with each other after a happy life and remembers the importance of being a family.

10 – Grave of the Fireflies 1988: It is a wonderful animation that takes place in Japan in the Second World War and tells about the influence of the war on those who are not fighting in the war.


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