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122 Years Story Of Cinema In Turkey

Moving images that are played on a white screen have a great proposition in the name of cinema art that achieves not to enchant all of us with the power that comes into our lives.

In fact, the cinema journey, which brought all the artistic branches together, began with the moving picture frames of the cinemascoped device invented by the French Lumiere brothers in 1895. The name of movie was “The Coming of the Train to Ciotat”, a big step for humanity.

After the cinema in Europe, there has been a worldwide fluctuation, and cinema has created an addiction effect on people. The meeting with the cinema in the Anatolian lands belonging to the Ottoman period at that time corresponded to 1896.

A French named Cinematograph Operator, Promio, traveled all over the land of Amadolu and recorded many works such as the Parade of the Turkish Parade, the Turkish Artillery and the Panorama of the Bosphorus Coast. The first movie show in Istanbul was a spoofne named “Spoopneck” on the tramway in Galatasaray. The film “Ciotat Train to the Train” was shown. At that time, it was called ‘Shimendifer’ in the Ottoman Empire.

In the meantime, it is said that Sultan Abdulhamit II loved the cinema very much. Films that feature the news that the generally favored statesmen were present, the palace experience and the military life were followed. It is stated that Abdülhamit was thus followed by developments in the world.

Ali Özuyar, author of a book entitled “Quiet Period Turkish Cinema History 1895 – 1922” from Yapı Kredi Publications, says that cinema is influenced by political periods in his book. Especially II. During the Constitutional Period, the French writers who came up among the films stated that there were serious protests in the form of ‘I want a Turkish search article’. German, Austrian, Hungarian and Bulgarian films, which were once considered inconvenient, are banned in the armistice and occupation years.

The first movie making activities in the Ottoman Empire are passed on by the Yanaki – Milton Manaki brothers.

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