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40 Years Fashion

The 70s are considered to be years of the most original designs, especially in every area.

So if your mother has these parts in her wardrobe during her teenage years in 70s and you are very lucky if you kept them. Now it’s your turn to wear them. Let’s take a look at those pieces of what’s right.


The feminine fashion, which is a symbol of elegance in ladies, still runs and seems to last for years. Fragrances come in many different styles, from elegant scarves to shabby scarves, to wholesome fashion clothes that make you even more fashionable

2- Knee-highs boots

The knee-highs boots, which have become the trendiest part of recent years, ensure that you are protected from cold and you are a stylish woman.

3- Loose trousers

When walking on the street, the image of a woman who is always swinging and shining beauty around is created with plenty of pants. Women who prefer this 40-year-old fashion become a focus of attention with their masked air.

4-Jeans skirt and clothes

Years go by, but fashion never goes past. Jeans skirts and dresses also make women who wear sporty style a star walking down the street.

5-Printed Top Parts

It does not notice sweaters, T-shirts or sweatshirts. The upper garment pieces with a writing on it or a slogan are the focus of attention each time.

6-Skin colored dresses

If you have a skinny dress, you always feel like you are a sexy woman. Moreover, this dress satense effect is growing even more. If you want to be the coolest and sexy girl of a party, you can choose these dresses.

7-Basket bags

Carts of bags with symbol of comfort and style are one of the most remarkable of the past 40 years. Many big bag brands compete with each other to produce these bags.

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