5 Stars to New Models Of KIA

Kia’s new sports sedan stinger and compact crossover classic models scored full points on advanced safety features from EuroNCAP’s tests.

The five stars Stinger and Stonic received from EuroNCAP as standard with the “electronic stability control” and “vehicle stability management” features reveal the point that Kia has come up with advanced security technologies.

With all Stinger’s gasoline, diesel, four-wheel drive or rear-drive models, the Kia has officially proved its success in safety, following a full-grade test of all the Stonic versions equipped with optional active safety technologies.

In EuroNCAP tests, Stinger was rated 93% in adult protection, 81% in child passenger protection, 78% in pedestrian protection and 82% in the “safety assistant” category.

The Stonic versions were rated 93% in adult protection, 84% in child passenger protection, 71% in pedestrian protection and 59% in the ‘safety assistant’ category.

The advanced high-strength steel body of both types, six in the Stonic and seven in the Stinger standard airbags, comprehensive passive and high-tech active safety features, were effective in five winning stars.

In both models, the passenger cabin kept its form during the crash. Each seat offers a high level of safety for different length passengers.

The stinger model provides passengers with superior neck injury protection. The active folding engine hood also offers superior pedestrian protection.

The “Autonomous emergency brake” in both Stinger and Stonic helped prevent all collisions in the “safety assistant” category.

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