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The development of technology in recent years will continue by gaining momentum in 2018. In many areas of our lives, technological movements that will help to simplify our work this year will be added to the new ones. Existing technologies will be upgraded. Briefly, the 5 technology trends that will be seen in 2018;


1-The Number Of Internet Access Providers Will Increase

With smart phones becoming widespread, the curiosity of learning has increased. This has made the interest in the internet more intense. In 2018, a decline in smart phone prices will result in a further increase in the number of users accessing the internet.



First we met 3G. Just when you’re used to 4G and 4.5G technology entered our lives. It’s time for 5G. In 2018, studies on 5G technology are planned to increase and gradually enter into our lives. Although the technical standards have not been completed yet, expectations are that the 5G will be 100 times faster than 4G with 10 Gigabit data transfer. Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Verizon and Ericsson continue their research on 5G.


3-Intelligent Cameras with Visual Recognition

With Visual recognition smart cameras that will take place in many areas of our lives in the coming period, you will be able to unlock the keys of your phone and be recognized by a machine when you enter your home or office and your lock will be unlocked. In the coming years, at least 220 percent growth in this market is expected.


4-Gender in Technology

For women consumers who have been ignored in recent years, new investments are expected to be made next year. Technical health products are created from a woman-centered, empathetic perspective to meet the needs of women.


5-Supporting Technologies

Technological advancements seem to benefit the visually impaired most. Thanks to the ‘Be my eyes’ application, people with visual disabilities can find directions, read instructions or the product’s expiration date.

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