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6 Modern Trends Coming From Past

In the past years, a few pieces that we often have in our lives are on the way to becoming the observers of this fashion again.

When you visit this year’s showcase, you will see that many pieces are popular, from colorful sweaters, bumble beakers and chiffon skirts. Now, if you add these 6 tracks to your collection, then you are going to be the most trendy woman in the winter.

Here are 6 fashion trendiest you should definitely try in the winter of 2018;

Velvet parts: Especially in the 90’s, the fashion velvet look has returned. It is possible to find many different pieces this year from the dazzling velvet with bright and rich images. To become a flashy woman, put on your colorful velvet skirt and swing like this. Make sure this is even going to get you attention.

Pipe Pole Boot: Wearing a shiny or metallic pipe shoe boot will be the trendiest move this winter. This season, when Poppers even compete with each other with a pair of pipe skirts, you can also become a fashion queen from the 80s by taking a pair of boots.

Corset Topsuit: Another trend of this seesaw is to wear a corset on top. But not to the outside. So wearing a corset over a shirt, a jacket or a blouse is very fashionable this year.

Waist bag: The most important parts of street fashion, the waist bags are located in the collections of famous brands like Gucci, Prada this season.


Trench coats: Trench coats, which are a praecie that does not pass the fashion, are often confronted this year. If they are designed this year is ambitious.

Zippered tops:  It’s an old fashioned action again. The front zippered tracksuit tops are also fashionable this year. Moreover, you can combine these pieces on top of everything.

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