A Salute to the Aviation Industry: Apollo Watch

This watch, which will attract especially those who love science fiction movies and who are interested in space, is called Apollo watch.

Designed and manufactured to honor the aviation industry, this watch is 33 mm. wide and 12.75 mm high.

This watch with a domed crystal lid is presented to its enthusiasts as a united representative of modern and traditionalism. At the same time, Apollo watch, a perfect blend of technology and simplicity in its design, is able to be used by both men and women in their daily lives.

Apollo watch, a crystal dome cover reminiscent of the helmets that astronauts wear to their heads during the space walk, draws attention with its design without borders.

Created by an art-loving design team, this watch reflects its beauty in the depths of space.

Apollo watch has four different models. All these models are inspired by space, galaxies and the universe. In the dial, the details of the cosmos are displayed in a small hour, minute, second view. There is also a map of the north sky in the background.

Apollo watch, which has a double bubble effusion, is made of crystal-curvaceous material that is resistant to breakage in a number of occasions.

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