Alternative Tube Houses in Hong Kong

Alternative Tube Houses in Hong Kong
Because of the expensive housing prices and high rent in Hon Kong, people have to live in careless buildings or in common spaces. That’s dropping people’s standards of living.

To combat this situation, the design of a Hong Kong architect seems to attract attention.

It is intended to bring a solution to the housing problem with the houses, called OPod, which was designed by architect James Law who lives in Hong Kong, where has been the most expensive city in terms of houses prices in the world for 7 years.

These houses, called OPod, are a combination of modern furnished water pipes.

These tube houses, which sound quite interesting, have an area of about 9.2 square meters, so it’s smaller than a standard car garage.

Designed for a 2.5 meter diameter water pipe, the houses include a bed-changing sofa, a library, a mini fridge, a microwave and a bathroom with bathtub.

It is expected to get permission from the municipality for the construction of these houses, which are currently in the prototype phase.
The average price of a 55-square-meter house in Hong Kong is 1.8 million dollars. The price of the tube houses is expected to be $ 15,000.

Houses, which are mentioned to be a solution to the settling problem in Hong Kong, are ideal for the singles and students most. Because these tube houses provide you with everything you need for your shelter.

It is pointed out that houses can be built in clusters in unused areas, such as shipyards in the cities. According to James law’s plans, tube houses can also be made in areas between two buildings, or in areas below the bridge that are empty.

The images of these houses in the apartment are also quite remarkable.

These tiny houses weigh about 22 tons. For this reason, it is not necessary to bolt the pipes together in order to create an apartment. Thus, a situation called construction costs are not in question.

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