Although its origin is unknown, it is among the estimates that the American Eskimo Dog belongs to the Spitz family. The American Eskimo dog, brought to America for the first time by German immigrants, is seen in the records on 1913.

It’s a dog with a docile structure. It wants the affection and love of the owner. The American Eskimo dog, which is the ideal dog to live with children, loves to play with children. However, it is recommended not to be left alone with children who have severe movements.

Their education is easy. Although they are stubborn from time to time, they usually have a structure that fits into education.
The American Eskimo dog, which is sceptical of strangers, returns to a good friend after meeting. These dogs, who are loyal to their owners, never go out of their way. If the owner does not consent to a person, it is impossible for them to get him or her in.

They won’t let that happen. It is a robust dog for protection. It loves to be with its owners. It wants to play games with them. They get bored when they’re alone.
It’s a dog for living in an apartment. But a house with a garden will make it happy. It likes to exercise. Daily walks will make them healthier.

The American Eskimo dog is white. It’s like a Samoyed dog. The American Eskimo dog has three different sizes. Therefore, you have the chance to have the dog the size you want.
The chin and nose of the American Eskimo Dog, whose ears are generally steep, are in harmony. Their eyes and nose are usually black. The males of the American Eskimo Dog are bigger than their females.

The American Eskimo Dog, both thick and thin, is recommended to brush its hair every day. In addition, it should be brushed a hard wire brush both in the morning and evening in the time of feather exchange.

The American Eskimo dog, which is 38 – 51 cm in height, weighs 8.2 – 16 kilograms. These cute dogs usually live up to the age of 13-15.

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