America’s $ 250 Million Mansion

America’s $ 250 Million Mansion
The $ 250 million Super-luxury mansion in Los Angeles’s Bel Air neighborhood is the most expensive house in the United States.
It was built by Bruce Makowsky, the owner of QVC bags, with 12 bedrooms, 21 baths and 130 works of art.

There are areas in the house that are suitable for all activities that a person would like to do. In this 3500 square meter mansion, there is a candy bar with sugar and a game room with a few tables of pinball which are 200.000 dollars.

The 40-seat cinema room is designed in James Bond style. The seats of the cinema room, which cost a total of 2 million dollars, are made of Italian leather. The size of the three-dimensional television in the entertainment room is astonishing.

There are 12 luxury vehicles in the garage of the house, with a car collection that is $ 30 million. The vehicles include the 15 million-dollar von Krieger 1936 modal Mercedes 540 K Special Roadster and Pagani Huayra, the only example of the 2 million-dollar type.

Including seven employees working in the value of $ 250 million. And their two-year salary was paid.
This luxury mansion, which has already had pretenders, also has guitar collections from some famous rock stars. Selected art works are accompanied by the vintage texture of the house.
In the mansion there are two helicopter tracks for decoration purposes, which are open to their real usage.

Under the house there are two different chambers. In one of the chambers, there are bottles of wine which Makowski chose himself.
This mansion, which was built for 4 years and has more than 250 people working in its construction, is perhaps the best view of Los Angeles.

There are 1810 billionaires around the world who can pay the price of the mansion. In the United States, only 500 people are capable of paying the value of this house.

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