It is believed that its origin came from Australia most frequently throughout the world. However, developed by British Colliers, the Australian Kelpie was brought from England to Australia after the 19th century, where it was widely adopted by the public.

The Australian Kelpie, whose hair is dense and layered, can adapt to warm and cold environments in a short time. Australian Kelpies, which are usually black and light brown, can also be blue and sometimes brown. The care of its hair is very simple. Brushing once a month will be sufficient.

They have a sweet and tyrant appearance. Their back leg is enhanced, giving them the ability to be stronger. Highly skilled Australian Kelpies are very talented. The Australian Kelpies, which are also very hardworking, can save their owners from a great deal of burden.

Australian Kelpies with high energy are not suitable for apartment life. Growing up in farmhouses with empty and long lands will make it happier. Australian Kelpies, which get along well with other dog breeds, want to have one owner.

Just like their being hardworking, their protective features are also very developed. Australia’s Kelpies protect their own family and family property at the expense of their own life. That’s why it’s a very good guard dog. It’s also a very good shepherd dog. It likes to deal with big workloads.

Just as people are workaholic, the workaholics of the dog world are Australian Kelpies. They don’t do the given job just to please their owners. This is what they call their own impulses. The Australian Kelpies working to be happy are very excited and enjoy performing tasks at a high pace.

It needs a lot of exercise. So as to be happy, they have to release their energies. For this reason, leaving them to large plains rather than the city life will make them happier.

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