Last appearance for the Bentley Polo Team in this year’s German Polo Tour: The team will play at the famous Hoppegarten in Berlin from September 21 through 23. History of the legendary turf dates back to 1868 and it during its time as the centre of the social and political life in Berlin, it attracted up to 40,000 spectators. Bentley Berlin will be displaying the current Bentley models including the new Bentley V8-Models Continental GT V8 and Continental GTC V8 during the event and looks forward to welcoming guests and spectators alike.


About Bentley Polo:

The relationship between man and horse has existed for at least 7,000 years. No other animal has influenced man like the horse – by lending us its strength and speed, it became an incubator for human evolution, allowed us to travel and migrate, to cultivate our fields and became vital to history played out on the battlefield. This fascinating symbiosis has also been central to the sport of Polo, the unique speed and power of horses on the field is the reason why Polo has survived for millennia.

We are proud to have Mr Hans-Albrecht Freiherr von Maltzahn, President of the German Polo Association, as patron of the Bentley V8 Polo Team in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Berlin.

Remaining Bentley Polo Dates 2012:

  • Bentley Stuttgart: 10th Polo Emotions Cup – 7-9 September 2012
  • Bentley Berlin: Bucherer Polo Cup – 21st-23rd September 2012
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