Best Animations for Kids: Antz

Antz is an American adventure comedy animation which was produced by DreamWorks Animation. Voice actors of the film include well known names such as Woody Allen, Sharon Stone, Jennifer Lopez, Sylvester Stallone, Dan Aykroyd, Anne Bancroft, Gene Hackman, Christopher Walken, and Danny Glover as various members of an ant society. Also some of the characters has similar facial characteristics or expressions with the actors who voiced them.

Antz also has a special place because it is the first animated film, as well as the first CGI-animated film, by DreamWorks Animation and the second computer animation released in the United States after Pixar’s famous animation classic Toy Story. Pixar was also working in another animation called A Bug’s Life at time same time period and that created some problems between two companies.

The film’s main character is a rather neurotic ant who tries to break from his totalitarian society and at the same time trying to win the affection of the princess he loves.

The film was originally released to theatres on October 2, 1998.

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