Create Your Own Swatch

We have good news for you if you can’t find the time you want to go in and out of the stores for a new watch.

Swatch, the world’s most well-known watch brand, offers a kit for you to design your own watch with the ‘Swatch X you’ series.

Swatch’s special box contains all the pieces needed for a watch. If you like, you can take this special box with a combination of different watch combinations, or you can create any style of watch in stores yourself.

This will be a meaningful gift for your beloved ones. If you have not received a gift for the New Year yet, you can design your gift by going to a Swatch store or online.

Designed by Swatch’s special designers, the watch boxes, straps, rings and pins are offered in many different options, and you’re able to design your watch in 5 simple steps.

So what do you have to do to design your own Swatch?

You start the design process by selecting one of the boxes designed as Gent or new Gent. Then you choose the top and bottom strap, ready in many different shades, from the colorful graffiti to the Mint green. Finally, you choose a watch frame and complete the design. You can add extra figures to personalize the watch. For example, you can add a crown, birthday cake, a winged heart or a wedding ring to your watch to make your Swatch X me perfect for you.

After you have completed your design, you can present your watch to the world by sharing it from social media with the #swatchxme hashtag. Hence, you can show your own style.

You can buy Swatch’s interesting design present with a special New Year’s box for £ 430. This way you can share a high quality gift with your beloved ones by working on it. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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