CU-Box : Energy Autarkic Kiosk System by Motion Code: Blue

This time, “motion code: blue”, an Austrian design studio has designed CU-Box, an energy autarkic kiosk system for HBT Energietechnik GmbH, Austria. In order to create a self-sufficient kiosk, motion code: blue has designed this kiosk with photovoltaic panel and battery banks, in this way, it remains totally independent of external energy sources being operated at its locations.

The CU-Box cubic design is both, efficient to build and gives the product an iconic shape. When CU-BOX is closed, it appears dark, sophisticated and “technical”, mainly because of the high-gloss-solar panels. If you open the cube, the interior and the inner core are bright and friendly, the designer wanted to create analogies with sun rays, so he went for a very modern and textured surface finish, which reflects the light in many ways. The interior is equipped with 2 freezer cabinets, the solar panels are able to provide enough energy to keep beverages and snacks cool and the flaps, where the panels are mounted on provide shade for the people underneath.

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