Dogus Group Received 75 Percent Of Compositework

Doğuş group, which is closely involved in the maritime sector, received 75 percent of the shares of the French Super yacht maintenance facility Compositework.

With the signing of Doğuş holding in Monaco, which made significant strides in maritime transportation last year, the French company’s founders had 25 percent shares left. The company has two different facilities in La Ciotat, close to the city of Marseille in Southern France.

The complex at La Ciotat Harbour is designed to repair and maintain ultra-luxurious yachts. There is also a helicopter track at this facility. The other facility is located in La Rochelle, west of France. This facility is also maintained for yachts and boats up to 176 meters long. 150 people work at the company.

It is stated that Ben Mennem, the founder of the Company, will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors even though the majority of the shares are sold to Doğuş group. “The market is growing. Doğuş did their homework and clearly understands that it is a good sector,” he said.

Doğuş Group, which has added this new facility to its structure, has 3 marinas in Turkey, 4 in Greece and 3 in Croatia. It is stated that Doğuş Group, which is following Montenegro soon, will continue to expand in this sector with France.

In addition to all this, the doğuş Group has opened Marina Barcelona 92 in Spain, including the world’s largest Super yacht maintenance facilities.

he bought it with 70 percent stake. MB 92 is the largest Marina on both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coast. The Group is said to have paid 80 million euros for MB 92. The MB 92, which is the main partner of the birth, has now turned its route to France. What steps the group will take in the sector in the coming period is being wondered.

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