Don’t miss the 1001 Faces of Orientalism Exhibiton at SSM!

S.U. Sakıp Sabancı Museum (SSM) focuses on the orientalism with its new exhibiton called “the 1001 Faces of Orientalism”.

Opened on the April 25, the exhibition studies the 19th century Orientalism analysing its effects on diversified areas such as literature, archaeology, painting, architecture, universal exhibitions, photography and fashion. Rare books, photographs from the archaeological excavation sites, examples of Ottoman architecture, interior and stage decorations, costumes, studio photographs and souvenirs are presented in the “1001 Faces of Orientalism” exhibition.

The goal of the exhibition is not to see Orientalism as a unilateral discourse under the control of and centred on the West that divides cultures into two polarized groups, but also to look at this phenomenon from outside the European context and distinguish its multiple, diverse, and sometimes contradictory aspects.

The exhibiton will be ongoing until the August 11, 2013.



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