Elio Motors to Launch Three-Wheeled Car in 2015

We’ve seen lots of promotional images of the upcoming Elio three-wheeled, high-efficiency vehicle, but now Elio Motors is ready to make it real. The company showed off its three-wheeler at the international CES technology show in Las Vegas announced the next step in its plan to put the vehicle into production.

The American company, founded in 2008 by Paul Elio, will begin production on their super-affordable, highly efficient flagship car in the first quarter of 2015. The car is said to get up to  134 kilometers per gallon (3.8 liters)  in terms of highway mileage, and offers an acceleration rate of 160 miles per hour in 9.6 seconds. In order to deliver the best fuel economy, the car has a cockpit wide enough only for the driver, with a passenger seat in the rear. It has two wheels in front and tapers in the rear to a single wheel.

The Elio will carry a base price of $6,800, with the trike’s list of standard features including power windows and door locks, ABS and air conditioning.  Elio is targeting the U.S. market but hopes to eventually ship internationally.

Elio-Motors-Press-Shot-002 Elio-Motors-Press-Shot-003 Elio-Motors-Press-Shot-004

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