Endless Comfort In Boat Houses

Who doesn’t want a life away from the noise of the city in an endless sea view, and a life away from the smell of iodine, which is a little wavy.

If you want to settle down in a seaside town for years and enjoy the sea, this design will excite you. A “boat house” design was designed by Waterllot company for those who are fond of their freedom and tired of the noise-induced view of the city.

These “boat houses”, which are left behind by no luxury in their design, will make you experience the peaks of the sense of freedom, relax and immerse all your negative energy into the water.

Living in this “boat house” will perhaps make you miss an ordinary life, but you can rest assured that you will enjoy life in these houses.

Designed in the Netherlands, the Waterllot “boat houses” include the basic elements of Dutch architecture. Designed by a famous designer of each unit, these “boat houses” are sturdy, safe and comfortable.

High security measures have been taken in these houses. Each boat has carbon monoxide and smoke leaking alarms connected to pumps at home. These houses, aiming to make life as comfortable as it is on land and at sea, were built with a self-contained technology. This means that if you have one of these boat houses, you will no longer need land.

With a desalination facility, you can have clean and fresh water. In addition, the system can recycle all organic waste, which will then be converted into energy.

The boat will provide energy for electrical appliances with solar panels and batteries in your home.
The intelligent glass application with advanced airco also creates a special floor for cooling or heating to ensure that the inside of the house is stable throughout the year.

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