Envol portable desk

Envol portable desk is very handy in keeping everything neat and tidy. This concept table features modular and foldable design which provides you a more flexible desk compared to those already exists in the market. When we received this design submission, we thought … wow, could we buy this? It’s a simple desk yet extremely useful.

When you work from home, you can work on your bed, sofa or at terrace its raises a serious usability issue, related to transportation, physical posture, or storage of equipment. Envol is a modular and foldable desk that lets you work anywhere inside or outside your house. Envol prioritizes case of use with folding sides and space for user’s legs. The desk is locked in all 4 different positions and you can stock some basic working supplies in two different storages. Black parts are in polypropylene and sides in bent plywood. The aesthetic is very elegant and simple, the format compact when its closed. Envol is available in different colors and can match with your own personality.

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