Futuristic Airship LZ-73 Concept by Denislav Videnov

Airship LZ-73 concept was based on the first Zeppelin LZ-1. After extensive researches, this designer has come up with details of engineering design and construction mechanism.

I worked day and night thinking for the mechanism of the concept airship, I was so enthusiastic about the idea, that even I connected and did some researches with professors (Physics, Chemistry, Mechanica) in University in Sofia. Sure, this idea isn’t perfectly constructed, but it has a big potentials.

Just think about it – How much plains and car crashes have for a year and no body stop to build them, but one disaster in May 1937 stop to construction of Airships. I think it happened because they don’t work with FUEL, it works with HELIUM- it is cheapest energy now a days.

Here how my concept Airship LZ-73 works:
The dirigible is the only flying apparatus which is able to execute vertical loading, and unloading without oscillation and concussions. Since its speed could be brought to minimal values without having to descend, it is able to continue hovering in the for maintenance of position and controlling it with digital electronic systems, the dirigible could be held stable over any location even under wind pressure. The modern dirigible Airship LZ-73 is stable, resistant atmospheric effects and relatively independent from the weather condition. Even if all engines stop, it is absolutely secured from falling due to separating the space for the lifting gas to multiple separate sections.

Designer : Denislav Videnov

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