Futuristic Grand Piano by Peugeot Design Lab for Pleyel

Stunningly beautiful piano concept has been unveiled by Peugeot Design Lab as the result of its collaboration with Pleyel, a piano manufacturer. Sleek design with lowered mechanics enable the aligning design of the piano’s cover and keyboard, for the first time ever, audience will be able to see the artist plays the piano literally from any viewing angle. With this piano, audience can be hypnotized by the movement of the pianist’s hands, it creates higher level of interaction. The artist can also hear the details sound of their instrument like never before, a new level of quality which never previously achieved.

Designer : Peugeot Design Lab

In order to get great impact to sound, the body of this piano and the soundboard are both made of wood. The lid and the leg have been made of carbon fiber due to the lightness and sound projection of this material. It would take months of study, research and tests to get to the final development of this piano, above all, the main objective of this project is to maintain Pleyel’s high sound quality, simultaneously subtle, colored, with powerful bass and scintillating treble, harmonized on the timbre, as to retain its unique touch.

Peugeot Design Lab successfully blends all best quality from a piano as well as sophistication from the world of automobile. Take a look at the soft, subtle silhouette of this piano, you would look at the streamlined hull of a competition sailing boat. This piano retains beautiful black lacquer finish yet boasts aerodynamic look and revolutionary appearance.

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