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Do You Go To Hospital To Get a Gift?

Why do we go to hospitals, hairdressers, clinics or hotels? We all have a different reason.

What would you ask us if we recommended you a hospital, a hairdresser, a museum or a hotel in order to receive gifts from the beginning of the year? The answer is simple.

Are you crazy?

In the US, people living in Louisville, Kentucky, are hailing hotels, hairdressers, museums and hospitals to find inspirational gifts on special occasions.

One of those points is the Baptist Hospital East Shop. You do not have to be a sick patient, close relatives, or a father waiting for the birth of his baby to do shopping from the big gift store which is right after the entrance of the hospital.

In this hospital where you can find many kinds of gifts from kitchenware to scarves, wallets, clothing items, jewellery, high quality children’s toys and Christmas decorations, at the same time the items that are not interesting for the season are offered to the service of the customers with a big product fan.

Women’s tunics, poncho and bags and T-shirts, head bands, bracelets and wallets are liked by those who love shopping.

At the Brown Hotel souvenir shop, the best-selling item is the horse backs worn by Churchill horses. Special items such as men’s knapsacks, maintenance kits and ties are also available at this hotel.

Joseph’s Salon and Spa does not have only hair-cuts or knobs. In this hairdressing salon, there is a wide range of products made of colourful, foldable travel flip-flops, mini-flat anchors, zippered traveling blinds, coffee cups and high quality hairbrushes.

Located in the heart of the mountains, Salon Bacco is also furnished with windshields, fabulous women’s clothing, unique jewellery, elegant scarves and Trap candles.

In Louisville’s museums, Kentucky a variety of products ranging from items from jewellery to ornament are meeting with the customers.


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