Helmet design Marco Melandri

A rider’s helmet not only protects them in the event of a crash, it also acts as a way to identify them. Much like their race numbers, riders are known for having certain helmet designs as a way to pick them out from competitors. But how are the helmet designs chosen? Where would you start? We took a closer look at the helmets of the BMW Motorrad GoldBet riders to see what designs they had and then asked the riders themselves about them…

Marco Melandri: “When I was a child I started using Nolan helmets and they have been supporting me throughout my career. They were working with young riders when I started and they helped me have my own private design. For me, I was part of the development of the helmet and I was proud of it. I also like the comfort and the quality of them.

“When I was younger everyone had very aggressive animals as their characters. When I was younger my hair looked like a hedgehog so I decided to choose a hedgehog. It is nice and cute but it is aggressive when it needs to be.

“The important things I look for in a helmet are comfort, safety and visibility. My helmet is also very good because you don’t have to feel air inside. You can modify where you can feel the air inside the helmet and I like that.”

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