Information about Cornish Rex Cats

The Cornish Rex cat species first appeared in England in 1950, in a carnival. It is the Cornwall region of the United Kingdom.
Cornish Rex cats are rarely hairy, with colored spots on them, and their feathers are a curly breed.

The appearance of their fur varies according to the geography they are in. For example, while the feathers are firmer and harder in Germany, they are different in the United States and the UK.
Cornish Rex cats are extremely playful. It’s a breed which loves people and is fond of their owners. They like to be in one’s lap. They are constantly active in the home environment. Besides, they love to be taken out and walk. They accompany their owners in case of travel.

Cornish Rex cats are very close to the dog breed as a character. They quickly bring back the toys thrown for their capture and play the game without getting bored for minutes. They’re extremely active. In home environments, they enjoy jumping to high places and climbing. With their long and strong paws, they can open doors very easily. They can replace small objects without difficulty. They are highly adaptable to live with children and other pets.

Cornish Rex cats can be caught in some diseases found in their genes, even if they are pure or mongrel. Possible health problems that they will experience can be listed as baldness, belly hernia and some kind of heart disease. Their feathers are velvety and alive. They also draw attention to their brightness. Besides, they do not need much care due to the rare occurrence of their hair. It’s easy to scan. However, some species have woolen and long hair, and those with this structure may have to be brushed once a week.

Cornish Rex cats don’t like baths. Except for the completely white ones, they should rarely be bathed. It won’t be a problem for them to wear cat clothes because they’re a warm-loving species.

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